Behind the Scenes in Alison’s Mug Firing Studio

Over on our IndieGoGo campaign, we’re taking our perks very seriously. In the case of the branded mugs, we’re going as far as getting the Co-writer and Director’s mum, Alison, to fire them especially for you. We thought that you might like to find out a bit more about how the mugs are made, so we popped round for a chat with Alison.

Hannah’s mum Alison shares a cool and quirky pottery studio with other ceramic artists in Edinburgh. One of her skills is transferring logos and slogans onto fine china mugs, and so she very kindly offered to pitch in to help out with the film. We nipped over to the studio today to find out more about how the process works, and chat about which lines from the film would look best on the mugs.

Here’s how it’s gonna work

1. Choose Your Slogan

There are too many great phrases from the film for us to choose from, so we’re going to need your help with that. Use our poll to make sure we fire your favourite lines, and keep checking back to find out the winners. If you select to get a mug as a perk this week, it will say ‘SMUNT’. Next week’s word or phrase is up to you.

2. The Bare Mug

Alison buys the plain mugs ready made. Here’s what they look like.

alison with the plain mug

3. Transfer Time

We’ll make sure that Alison has the right artwork in her book of transfers. Your favourite line from the film will then be soaked in water and smoothed onto the mug.

alison's book of ceramic transfers

4. Fire it up!

Alison heads downstairs to the kiln room and hand fires your mug for you in this little beauty.

alison firing perk mugs

5. Catching the Christmas Post

We’ll pop down to the studio and package up your mugs ready to send out in time for Christmas.

This week’s mugs will say SMUNT – choose what next week’s mugs will say.

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