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Why we all Need to Support Films by Women

Image by BarbieFantasies on FlickrDo you know how many women produce, direct or even star in films? You would be shocked by some of the statistics. According to The Celluloid Screen Report, Women make up just a small proportion of film-making professionals. They found the following:

  • 9% of directors are women
  • 15% of writers are women
  • 25% of producers are women
  • 17% of executive producers are women

… and according to a study released by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism:

  • 28% speaking roles are for women

Pretty shocking. And no it’s not because women are rubbish at film-making, and not because people don’t want to see films about women. When women do appear as lead characters (Pretty in Pink, Devil Wears Prada, Thelma and Louise, Bridget Jones…) these films are box office hits. Partly because women buy 50% of the cinema tickets.

some of the women behind fireworksHere at Fireworks, we didn’t set out to make a female film, or to give on or off screen opportunities to women. We just set out to make a great film. It just so happened that our Director, Producer, Exec Producer, Digital Developer, and one of our two Co-writers, are all female. They’re all just great at their jobs.

You want more films to be by women, right? You want to see more bright, strong, funny women playing leading roles in feature films? You want talented female film-makers to inspire the next generation of young women to do just whatever the smunt they want, yes? Any you want some choice when you go to the cinema?

Please show your support for women in film by helping make one film (largely) by, and about, women. We really need your support to make this happen, so pledge a few pounds or pennies, share our IndieGoGo page on Facebook and Twitter, and leave us a nice comment. Thank you!

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