Ewen Bremner to Play Gillies in Fireworks

ewen It’s not every day you get to work with actors with a back catalogue as impressive as Ewen Bremner. We couldn’t be more pleased to have him on board for Fireworks. Having worked with directors we admire (Harmony Korine, Ridley Scott and Woody Allen to name a few) and films that not only we love but are truly iconic, having Bremner on board as part of our team is a real privilege. Ewen Bremner shot to fame as Spud in Irvine Welsh’s  Trainspotting, and has gone on to become a much sought-after actor in film and television. He has appeared in a diverse slate of roles in projects as varied as Pearl Harbour, Julian Donkey-Boy, The Vatican, Black Hawk Down and Snatch. We are huge fans, and think he’s a fantastic talent. <h3>Check out clips from some of his performances below</h3>

From kind-hearted heroin addict to a sensitive portrayal of the effects of schizophrenia on family life, the immensely talented Bremner is the perfect choice to play Gillies – Kat’s dad, who has bipolar disorder, and uses his meds to make a giant firework. If you love Ewen as much as we do and want to help support a Scottish indie film, we need your help!  We really need your support to make this happen, so pledge a few pounds or pennies, share our IndieGoGo page on Facebook and Twitter, and leave us a nice comment. Thank you!

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