Knit Your Own Carlo Volpi Scarf

We are very excited to announce a special new perk – a designer knitting pattern and illustration for Kat’s scarf.  Brilliant knitwear designer Carlo Volpi has created a unique design for the scarf, using wool from Todds Hand Knits. Carlo is still knitting the scarf – we’ll be posting updates on his progress! Meanwhile, you can now make your own iconic Kat scarf by downloading the knitting pattern and illustration of the scarf via our IndieGoGo page.

A very special scarf…

Carlo with his work-in-progress

Carlo with his work-in-progress

Kat’s scarf is an important object in the film, and we wanted it to be special. When runaway Kat flees London to go find her biological father Gillies, she is wearing the bright, stripy scarf that Ian, who she had always knows as her dad until he died, wears in an old family photo. The scarf is a constant throughout the film, and becomes synonymous with the lead character, Kat.

A very special designer…

scarf illustration by Carlo Volpi

scarf illustration by Carlo Volpi

So we contacted Carlo Volpi, a fantastic knitwear designer. Carlo studied at Goldsmiths before completing his masters at the Royal College of Art. He uses an eclectic choice of stitch structures, gauges and textures, merging traditional knitting techniques, urban landscapes and pop imagery. Take a look at the work on his website – we particularly love the ‘Lipstick Stab Wounds Collection‘.

He has already won several awards for his creative, eccentric designs, including the first prize of The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers’ award and The Worshipful Company of Framework knitters’ award. He was also one of the winners of a design competition for Waddesdon Manor and his work was selected by Rowan and included in an exhibition at Liberty’s as part of The Campaign for Wool. Since graduating, he has been selected as one of the 24 Texprint finalists and was awarded the Body Prize for best fashion fabric. He was also the silver winner of the 2012 edition of the Knitted Textiles Awards sponsored by the UK Hand Knitting association, Knitting Magazine and Creative Exhibition.

Carlo was instantly enthusiastic about making a scarf for our Kat. He writes in his blog on

‘Designing a scarf for the film was incredibly fun: when I met Hannah Robinson she explained how fireworks could metaphorically represent a bipolar personality, on one hand colourful, bright and buzzing but on the other explosive and dangerous as well. In my design I wanted to incorporate these opposing elements, the controlling and manic nature of bipolar versus its creative expressive potential.

 I used a very precise, geometric pattern knitted with some brightly coloured merino wool kindly sponsored by Todd’s Hand Knits.

…and some very special yarns too!

We’re delighted that the brilliant Todds Hand Knits are also supporting the film by supplying the wool for Kat’s scarf. Todds Hand Knits work with some of the world’s top fashion houses, and create high quality yarns in Italy, using precise techniques to get the colours that Carlo needed.  They said:

‘We’re all really excited about the film here at Todds Hand Knits! We’re all lovers of small, independent films especially British indies and to contribute to the project and be a part of it in any way is just fantastic. The message of the film is also an important one, it will get people talking about mental illness and encourage a destigmatization that is very, very necessary.’

Take a look at the Todds Hand Knits website to find the wool that Carlo selected for the scarf. Maybe you could shake things up a little by choosing different colours?

Want to knit Kat’s scarf for yourself? Looking for a gift for a very stylish knitter? Or just love the gorgeous illustration? The pattern and illustration are available as PDF downloads to anyone who contributes at least £15 to our IndieGoGo campaign.

That’s Christmas, and this winter’s threatened mini ice age, sorted.

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