7 Unique Christmas Gifts They Won’t Expect!

Here at Fireworks we know that you really want to support independent film, help destigmatise mental illness, and champion women film-makers. But we also know that it’s December and you are up to your eyeballs in Christmas shopping and office nights out. Sooooo, we decided to combine the two and bring you great perks that will blow their minds, and also help you to help us.

1: The Stocking Filler

The secret to a good stocking is lots of smallish items that fill up the stocking without getting lost in the toes, topped off with something pretty and sparkly peeking out of the top. Our cute ‘Bright Spark’ sweetie bags are just the ticket. Cute for kids, and romantic enough for a special somebody.
IndieGoGo contribution: £10
Warning: Not suitable for anyone lacking spark, fizz or pazazz.

bright spark sweetie bag

2: The Secret Santa

These awesome mugs tick all the boxes for a secret santa, and are bound to raise a chuckle at the Christmas party. Plus, they are hand-fired by the Director’s mum in her studio. You can choose from a range of catchphrases from the film, including ‘Fuck off, robot’, ‘Eating squirrels is weird’, ‘You can be TOO happy’, and the catchy, ‘SMUNT’.
IndieGoGo contribution: £35
Warning: Depending on which phrase you choose, may not be suitable for your boss (unless it’s really secret santa).

alison firing perk mugs

3: The Wow Factor Gift

Who would like to get their name in fireworks for Christmas? Who wouldn’t? You can’t get more splashy, flashy and downright dashing than presenting your loved one with their name in fireworks this Christmas.
IndieGoGo contribution: £400
Warning: Not suitable for small Welsh villages

4: The International Zero Postage Gift

You may have shipped yourself off half way around the world, but what about the folks back home? Forget getting organised enough to meet the international shipping deadlines and paying a fortune on postage. The Carlo Volpi designer knitting pattern includes full instructions by innovative knitwear designer Carlo on how to make the iconic scarf from the film, plus a gorgeous illustration. Just download, sit back, and have another mince pie.
IndieGoGo contribution: £15
Warning: Not suitable for bored knitters who dislike style, colour and panache.

scarf illustration by Carlo Volpi

scarf illustration by Carlo Volpi

5: The ‘Activity’ Gift

There’s always someone on your gift list who already has everything, and now wants to do everything. Well, we bet they haven’t spent a day on a movie set yet, hanging out with the cast and crew, grabbing lunch with Ewen Bremner and the other stars, and generally living the life.
IndieGoGo contribution: £200
Warning: Do not combine with one of those ‘sphering’ gifts. We do not want a human sphere rolling down the beach!

6: The Statement Gift

Hew Locke is one everyone’s lips this week as his solo show opens in Miami and continues in the Perez Gallery. Many of us will have to content ourselves with name-dropping and web-surfing this leading light in the art world. But what if you could get your hands on an exclusive, limited edition, Hew Locke print – signed by the artist and delivered in time for Christmas? You many want to keep this to yourself, but we actually have some.
IndieGoGo contribution: £500
Warning: Will not match their wallpaper. It’s not supposed to.

Fireworks by Hew Locke - available as an A3 fine art print

Fireworks by Hew Locke – available as an A3 fine art print

7: The Down With The Kids Gift

Yeah, you know what a smartphone is. You’re so hip, your gadgets got skins. Show your street credentials with these cheeky phone skins. We can make skins to any model of phone, and you can choose from a range of charming phrases from the film including: ‘Eating Squirrels is Weird’, ‘SMUNT’, ‘Fuck off, robot’, and ‘You can be TOO happy’.
IndieGoGo contribution: £20
Warning: Do not try to accompany this gift with yoofy chat about how ‘cool’ it is.

All of these gifts will be posted out on 19th December in time for the last UK Christmas post. Let us know if you need your perk posted earlier and we’ll see what we can do.

Get your Christmas gift orders in on our IndieGoGo page.

Be quick – some of them are limited!

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