hut drawing by euan gray

Euan Gray’s Hut Drawings

Our hut builder Euan Gray is a true artist. Not only is he creating a unique, cinematic, charming hideaway hut for our film, he has also created this stunning set of hut-inspired artworks to get hut-lovers in the mood for the finished design.

The drawings were created by Euan to give a sense of the tone and style of the film, and of the hut itself, and he is generously offering them as perks for contributors to our crowd-funding campaign. For a contribution of £60 or more, you can have this set of 4 prints. The perfect addition to your own hideaway, or the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who longs for a hut of their own.

The 4 Prints

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– Find out more about Euan Gray and his ideas for Gillies’ hut design.
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