Top Kats Announced! – The Official Katalist

Hundreds of bright young sparks entered our open online casting process for a chance to play the lead in Fireworks. After watching all your audition tapes carefully, we managed to narrow it down to a long list of possible Kats, who we invited along to a face to face audition in London. The girls were amazing, and we have now selected a shortlist of six possible Kats. They have a wide range of skills, quirks and interests as you can see below, but one thing they do have in common is that they are all bright, smart, talented young women who we’re delighted to be potentially working with. So, bring out the Kats – here they are!

The Official Fireworks Kat Shortlist

Hollie Burgess

Hollie Burgess  - KatHi I’m Hollie and I am so excited about being on the short list for Kat! I obviously love performing but I am also really keen on sport. My favourite is football where I play midfield.

I am pretty determined and daring and I love a challenge but sometimes I do pay the price! In January this year I broke my nose. I would love to tell you it was playing football or bungee jumping but….in truth….I was walking UP the stairs at school and tripped. Not cool! I spent the next few weeks resembling Princess Fiona, (in ogre form) but I am glad to say my nose is now fixed and I am as determined as ever…and would absolutely love to play the role of Kat!!!

Adara Fernandez

Adara FernandezMy name is Adara Fernandez and if you ask me where I’m from, my answer usually depends on my mood: my parents are Mexican and American but they’re both French too, and I was born in London. So I figure I get to choose. It’s fun when it’s the World Cup because I’ve got so many countries to cheer for, I’ve often got one in the final! I am thirteen years old, and I love two things: drama and sports. I also love skilling up guys on the football pitch (I played goalie for two years in a local team). I learned football with older boys, so I got good at defending myself. I can also do a judo throw on anyone who bothers me – I came third in my weight category in a national judo competition. I do triathlons and diving too, which is really fun. I like diving backwards best. So you could definitely say I’m sporty.

I am part of the Young Actors Company and through them I take part in various acting jobs, including being an extra on the popular show EastEnders, going on stage, and more. I speak Spanish, some French and am learning Latin and Mandarin. I love acting though, so I definitely want to be an actress! And if that doesn’t work out, I figure I’d be a pretty good policewoman – I can run fast, I can act (good for undercover, right?), I’ve got a really good memory – and I can definitely be scary when I want to. At least that’s what everybody says!

Adele Pearson

Fireworks Photo AdeleI am 14 years old and live in Milton Keynes with my Mum, Dad, Sister and goldfish called Ron. I have recently been on an adventure holiday in Tunisia where I haggled in the souks, slept a night in a cave and ate camel couscous. I love trying new things and have jumped off Goliath, which is 100ft tall and the UK’s largest freefall experience.  I have ridden on a donkey up a steep hill in Santorini and swum in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Mediterranean seas.  I have yet to try the North sea off Gullane Bay, but I’m willing to give the freezing cold water a go.

I am learning to play the guitar, and I think my parents are looking forward to when I can play a whole song completely in tune. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and painting.  My favourite artist is Roy Lichtenstein, and I have colourful Pop Art paintings all over my bedroom.  I’ve painted a few of his well-known pieces, but I’m a bit clumsy and somehow I managed to spill a pot of red paint all over my bedroom carpet (my Mum wasn’t too happy). I’ve painted a few of his well-known pieces, and once I somehow I managed to spill a pot of red paint all over my bedroom carpet (my Mum wasn’t too happy). I am a bit accident prone, and occasionally bump into things and knock things over. Let’s hope I don’t accidentally set off any fireworks!

Josie Proto

Josie ProtoHi, my name is Josie Proto, I’m 13 years old and I live outside the fourth best place to retire in England. As you can imagine it is quite quiet here; I mean my primary school had 12 students per YEAR! However, when I was 9, I moved to Dubai with my 2 sisters and my parents. It was a massive change and it gave me loads of opportunities for my education. When we moved back to the quietest town on earth I was 11 and I was on my way to secondary school. My secondary school has 1500 students and has a brilliant drama department, and at this point I was getting more into drama and films. I’ve always loved theatre but I’ve only recently started auditioning for films and TV.

However, like most normal teenage girls I obsess over bands, TV shows eg. Doctor Who, and especially social networks. I mess around with my friends and call my pets stupid names (my hamster’s called Allen). The last (very important) thing you need to know is that I’m raining champion for head stands in my form – my head stand lasted 3 minutes 26 seconds. Yes, my head did go blue!

Ashlea Screaton

Ashlea Paige ScreatonYeah so, hey everybody? I’m Ashlea. I’m currently 14 years old but will be hitting the blossoming age of 15 at the end of September, which you can not tell at all since my height and body resemble a 12 year old boy. Speaking of height, I’m actually 4’11, so you could probably understand why I get the nickname Hobbit or Gizmo every now and again.

I have actually not always wanted to be an actress (even though it was always my plan B) but my first ambition as a small child was surprisingly a pole dancer. It quickly changed, don’t worry. After that I dreamed of either being a singer or an author, since I adore singing or writing fictional stories so badly, even now. But then came the acting when I was about, 6? Never changed since. Fun fact about me, when I’m nervous I move a ton, mostly when I’m singing for somebody. But when it comes to just talking to someone, I’m pretty easy going and I like to think I get along with most people. I’m extremely hyper, and I don’t even know why. But anyway, later everybody, have fun doing whatever while I get back to doing, well … nothing. I am so bad at doing bios it physically hurts.

Tania Van Amse

Tania van AmseMy name is Tania Van Amse. I have always been small and have not grown since I was 11.There are marks on the kitchen cupboard and mine have been same now for ages. My younger sister overtook me long time ago and I am still trying to catch her up. I love singing, dancing and acting and one of my favourite characters is George from Famous Five. Having done a lot of theatre work since I was younger, my best job so far was being back end of a cow in panto, when we nearly fell into orchestra pit ’cause it is totally dark in there!

I haven’t run away like Kat but when I was 8, I left home with a big (empty) suitcase as I wanted to join the local theatre which was putting on Oliver. I decided this is what I wanted to do rather than going to school but my neighbour stopped me down the road and took me straight back home, ignoring my kicking and screaming.

Fact about me: I haven’t had any fizzy drinks since a singing audition when I had coca cola beforehand and did huge burp in middle of my song! (didn’t get job..)

What next?

Once we get a little closer to the shoot we will be able to choose and announce who will play Kat in Fireworks. In the meantime, give these great girls a round of applause. Go on, right there in front of your phone/laptop. They deserve it, and no-one’s looking.