FireFlash: Fireworks Photography Competition!

We’re looking for the most striking digital images from this Guy Fawkes night and we want you to capture them.

Submit a picture from Bonfire Night 2014 and you could have your work published as the header of the Fireworks website, Facebook and Twitter for the duration of November with a special thanks acknowledging your work.

You can submit images of fireworks, bonfires and Guy Fawkes’ as long as they are taken at Bonfire Night 2014. Just remember to be safe and don’t get close to fire or fireworks.

Enter by tweeting your picture to @FireworksFilm with #FireFlash, but before you snap, take a look at the rules:

  • All photographs submitted must have permission to do so from the person who took them.
  • By submitting you acknowledge that if your photograph wins it will be used for marketing purposes.
  • No Watermarks are allowed in the photographs. The photographer will be credited on the Fireworks Website.
  • Images must be at least 4MP but can be any dimensions. You may submit a lower resolution photograph on twitter if a higher resolution can be provided on request.
  • Images can be edited as long as the original image can also be provided on request.
  • No faces may feature in the images. People can feature in the images if their face is hidden.

The contest closes at 8am on Friday 7th November and the winning photograph will be selected by Monday 10th.

Good Luck!

Ultimate Champion IndieGoGo Competition

Only two weeks into our digital campaign and we’re already blown away by your support. Over 200 followers on Twitter so far, over 500 likes on Facebook, and well over £900 contributed to our IndieGoGo campaign, not to mention all your comments, likes, blogposts, paper.lis and general digital thumbs up. You people are awesome. In recognition of your support, we would like to give a special prize to the person who campaigns the hardest for our film. Start sharing now and you could end up being thanked in person by the cast and crew on set, and credited in the film.

How to Take Part

1: Grab Your Link

Find your unique URL for our IndieGoGo campaign. You must be registered with IndieGoGo and signed in to view your unique link to our campaign page. You’ll see your link right underneath the pitch video. We’ve pointed it out for you in the pic below.

indiegogo champion unique

2: Share it Like Crazy

Get your link out there! Tweet it, post it on facebook, blog it, Tumble it – share it as widely, broadly and frequently as you possibly can. The more your link gets seen, the better your chance of winning.

3: Get Cheered On

We can track how many people you are referring to our IndieGoGo page. Once we see that you are sending lots of visitors our way, we’ll start cheering you on. We want you to win!

4: Claim Your Prize

The person who refers the most people to our IndieGoGo page will be announced as our ULTIMATE CHAMPION. You and a friend will be invited to join us on set for a day (travel expenses not covered, sorry), where the cast and crew will thank you in person. You will get to see the fruits of your campaign, including the wooden hut and trebuchet. If you like, we can engrave your name or a message on the hut. You will also get your name in the credits and on IMDB as a special thank you.

And that’s it! Don’t worry, the Fireworks team and Stephen Fry aren’t eligible, so this is all up for grabs. Get started now to get ahead of the race!