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7 Good Reasons to Support Fireworks

With only 6 days to go until our campaign ends, we really need your support. Lots of you have already contributed, tweeted and shared about our film. Some of you, though, may still be dithering, and others may have no intention of supporting us. Yet! We want you with us on this. Here are seven reasons why you should get on board.

1. All The Best People Say So

Yes, we hang with some of the coolest people on Twitter. The brilliant Stephen Fry has put out a tweet telling people to support our film, and we’ve been retweeted by lovely people like Rebecca Front, Rory Bremner, Billie Myers and Gail Porter.

stephen fry tweets about fireworks film

2. We Have Ewen Bremner

ewnbremnerEwen is a brilliant actor and we are thrilled to be able to create a role for him in his home town. Poor Ewen has been stuck out in Hollywood too long – give the poor chap a trip home.

3. You Might be in it Too!

photo by FRANCISCA

Looking for our new teen star

We’re running an open online casting call for the role of Kat, a headstrong, sparky teenage girl. Tons of young women have already submitted their auditions. Will you be the chosen Kat to play the lead role?

4. It’s Made By Women

Not many films are made by women. Most don’t even have a lot of women in them! And when they do, these women don’t have much to say. With Fireworks the Exec Producer, Producer, Co-writer, Director and even the web guy are all women! Let’s show what they can do.

fireworks team (minus Jonathan Hall)

5. It Sorts Out Your Christmas Shopping

Don’t just do it for us – do it for that tricky international auntie who loves knitting, or that guy in the office who’s a bit of a smunt. Our campaign is one big Christmas shopping market. Check it out.

print03 copy (1)

6. We Want to Destigmatise Mental Disorder

Fireworks is inspired by Director and Co-writer Hannah’s experience of growing up with a father who suffered from bipolar disorder, or manic depression. Hannah wants the film to help get people talking openly about mental illness, to help reduce the stigma that sufferers already face.

7. It’s Going to be Good

This is (arguably) the most important point on the list. Fireworks is going to be a cracking good film. It’s funny, it’s got a great actor confirmed and others potentially in the wings. The script has won a ton of awards, and the team behind it are celebrated film-makers and writers. You do not want to miss out on this film!

It’s not easy to get a film off the ground that bucks the box office trends and tries to do something a bit different, but with a bit of help we think we can create something really special. Please support our film, and help spread the word on twitter and Facebook. Thank you!

Ewen Bremner to Play Gillies in Fireworks

ewen It’s not every day you get to work with actors with a back catalogue as impressive as Ewen Bremner. We couldn’t be more pleased to have him on board for Fireworks. Having worked with directors we admire (Harmony Korine, Ridley Scott and Woody Allen to name a few) and films that not only we love but are truly iconic, having Bremner on board as part of our team is a real privilege. Ewen Bremner shot to fame as Spud in Irvine Welsh’s  Trainspotting, and has gone on to become a much sought-after actor in film and television. He has appeared in a diverse slate of roles in projects as varied as Pearl Harbour, Julian Donkey-Boy, The Vatican, Black Hawk Down and Snatch. We are huge fans, and think he’s a fantastic talent. <h3>Check out clips from some of his performances below</h3>

From kind-hearted heroin addict to a sensitive portrayal of the effects of schizophrenia on family life, the immensely talented Bremner is the perfect choice to play Gillies – Kat’s dad, who has bipolar disorder, and uses his meds to make a giant firework. If you love Ewen as much as we do and want to help support a Scottish indie film, we need your help!  We really need your support to make this happen, so pledge a few pounds or pennies, share our IndieGoGo page on Facebook and Twitter, and leave us a nice comment. Thank you!

photo by FRANCISCA

New Teen Star Needed to Play our Lead Role

shoe with stars

Photo by FRANCISCA on Flickr

Ok, so we’ve got our top team in place behind the camera, and the super talented Ewen Bremner up front playing the role of Gillies. We also have an exciting crowdfunding campaign on the go. But there’s still a vital ingredient of the film missing, and we hope that you might be able to help…

We need a talented, bold, headstrong young woman to play the role of our lead. Our bright new star doesn’t need any acting experience, but she does need to be bold, funny and brave. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Kat is a thirteen-year-old London girl who runs away to Scotland to meet her Uncle Gillies, played by Ewen Bremner, who she has secretly discovered is her biological father. The ideal candidate will be a young-looking sixteen year old with a London accent, but we are prepared to be blown away by any fresh new star who can play a 13-14 year old London girl.

How to Apply

To send us your virtual audition for this fantastic role, first of all read over the Terms and Conditions, and check that you have permission from your parent or guardian. If you’re selected to play the role, you will need to be able to spend four weeks in Edinburgh in March 2014 for the shoot, with a chaperone, so check that they are happy with that.

If they say yes, it’s time to record your audition video. This doesn’t need to be made on fancy camera equipment. Your phone will do fine.

There are two sections to the audition video, but we would like you to keep them both in the same video clip. First, please record a short piece to camera stating your name, age, any acting experience, and why you would like to play Kat in this film. Please keep this section short – we won’t be able to watch more than two minutes of your introduction.

Next, grab a friend or relative to help you do read-through of a section of the script. This is a scene where Kat is talking with her mum, so you might even want to get your own mum to help you out. It should take no longer than three minutes.

FIREWORKS Kat Audition Scenes-1

Done? Great. Now save your video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo as a password-protected file. Make a note of the URL and password! In YouTube, you can save it as private but select to ‘share’ it with

Then, fill in our online application form.

The deadline for online auditions is midnight on the night of 18th December. We’re afraid we can’t contact everybody, but shortlisted auditionees will be contacted by mid-January.

Can’t wait to meet you – good luck!