hut drawing by euan gray

Euan Gray’s Hut Drawings

Our hut builder Euan Gray is a true artist. Not only is he creating a unique, cinematic, charming hideaway hut for our film, he has also created this stunning set of hut-inspired artworks to get hut-lovers in the mood for the finished design.

The drawings were created by Euan to give a sense of the tone and style of the film, and of the hut itself, and he is generously offering them as perks for contributors to our crowd-funding campaign. For a contribution of £60 or more, you can have this set of 4 prints. The perfect addition to your own hideaway, or the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who longs for a hut of their own.

The 4 Prints

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– Find out more about Euan Gray and his ideas for Gillies’ hut design.
Visit our IndieGoGo page to support our film and get your set of four hut-inspired prints.

Euan Gray Hut Builder on Gillies’ Hut Design

When we found out architectural designer and fabricator Euan Gray was up to the challenge of creating Gillies’ hut for Fireworks we were delighted. Euan both designs and builds most of his projects, following the design process from conception right the way through to installation. With an impressive portfolio stretching from buildings to installations to furniture, he is a true master of his art.


Hannah Robinson and Jonathan Hall’s award-winning script and colourful characters attracted Euan to the project, and he can’t wait to get started. Euan says:

“I’m really looking forward to designing the hut for Fireworks – it’s a great script and I could see it all playing out when I read it, the characters interacting in different places in and around the hut. I’ve tried to get some of those ideas of the eccentric, intimate spaces through into the design – as well as making it work technically.”

Euan’s hand-crafted huts are often chic, Nordic style retreats. Gillies’ hut, though, will be anything but neat! He explains:

“It’s fun to be able to work on something that needs to look homemade, odd and ramshackle, rather than neat, refined and perfectly finished!”

The personalities and complexities of the film’s characters are reflected in his design, which promises to be truly exciting and completely unique. He highlights the challenges of this particular project:

“Filming presents a whole different set of technical challenges – you’ve got to be thinking about where the camera will film from, where the lights will be hidden, where the shots can be framed – windows, doors and walls will all need to be removable just to get the filming angles right in such a small space!”

Euan points out that designing for film is not the only challenge he faces in creating Gillies’ hut; being a part of an indie comedy filmed in Scotland means his structure also has the weather to contend with! No mean feat, but a challenge he accepts with pleasure:

“That unseen technical dimension is actually a bigger challenge than the aesthetic design – but both are equally enjoyable.”

Gillies’ hut is set to be a stand-out piece, beautifully designed and hand-crafted by Euan. If you’re tempted by the idea of owning an iconic piece of film memorabilia which doubles up as a perfect hideout you can have Gillies’ hut delivered to your door as one of the perks of our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

His beautiful collection of hut drawings inspired by his designs are another perk, coming as a set of four prints of original drawings that are an affordable gift in time for for Xmas.

We’re certainly glad Euan was up to the challenge and can’t wait to see the finished hut. Visit Euan’s website to see more of his designs, and visit our IndieGoGo page to claim Gillies’ hut as your very own, very special, hideout.

Six of the Best Hut Hideaways

Everyone needs a hut. A not-so-secret hideaway at the bottom of your garden, a studio, a workshop, an illegal fireworks factory… With architectural designer and fabricator Euan Gray creating Gillie’s hut especially for Fireworks, we thought we’d celebrate the humble hut with some of our favourites. Actually, scrap the humble. And forget the spiders, spades and pile of dirty wellies. This is pure unadulterated hut indulgence! Read on to see some of our favourite huts.

1. The Exotic Holiday Hut

Starting off with a classic, let us introduce you to the beach hut’s bigger sister. These long-legged beauties are a far cry from your British candy-coloured beach hut. We’re betting these lovelies are kitted out with pale cream lounge chairs and wicker glass-topped tables. Perfect for lazy, hazy luxurious summer sby the beach. In Kapalai Island, Malaysia no less. We can only dream.

Best for: Big shades, heels and panama hats all round

Kapalai Island, Malaysia

2. The Christmas Hut Challenge

Number two brings us those uniform, candy-coloured huts transformed into a winter wonderland. The beach hut advent calander is a project based in Brighton, now in it’s 6th year, which turns beach huts into, well, yes, an advent calander. In the countdown to Christmas, each evening a different hut throws open its doors to showcase a festive artistic surprise. Recreate this little number at home and put those bland factory chocolate advent calendars to shame.

Best for: Dressing up as a crazy evil elf and leaping out at people on day 18.

Image: Andrew Hasson

Image: Andrew Hasson

3. The Family Sized Hut Village

Out with traditional hut shapes, Boston-based studio Moskow Linn Architects has created this project ‘swamp huts’, located in Massachusetts. With a light design, four of these huts sit gently on the land, surrounding a central deck providing communal space for the family. Family is key theme in Fireworks – though we’re not sure we can imagine Gillies and Kat in this hut in the cold Scottish winter, even with the lovely fire pit.

Best for: A family holiday that you can even invite the snorey dad, the farty dog and the antisocial teen along to.


4. The Lush Hut

Okay, you’ve got us. We’re suckers for a beautiful, exotic location with a couple of huts thrown in for good measure. Lembongan Island, situated off Bali, transports you into a beautiful world of luscisous green trees and clear, blue skies. And huts of course. We can almost hear the crickets singing…

Best for: Writing that sprawling magic realist novel that you’ve been planning


5) The Nordic Chic Hut

These huts designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects in Seattle better reflect our current climate! Situated in Methow Valley, Washington, we love their hard, square lines set against the flowing backdrop of the snowy mountains. Better wrap up warm.

Best for: Ironic Christmas jumpers and IKEA baubles


6) The Yogic Bear Hut

Last but not least, we love this yoga studio created by Euan Gray, the mastermind behind Gillies’ hut in Fireworks. Bathed in light and set in an idyllic spot surrounded by greenery, we can’t think of a better place to soothe mind, body and soul. Get us there now!

Best for: Supporting local talent and achieving perfect Chi at the same time

Want to get the actual Euan Gray-designed hut from Fireworks? Contribute to our campaign and we will ship or bring it to you anywhere accessible in the UK, and set it up in your garden. Or, for an affordable Christmas gift, select our pack of 4 hut drawings by Euan.