Our Message to Kat Auditionees!

Thank you all so much for submitting your auditions. We had over 400 of them and it took us a little longer to look through them all than we’d originally imagined so thank you for your patience. If you got through to the next round, Congratulations! If you did not, console yourself with the thought that we weren’t judging the auditions only for the quality of the acting (though of course this is an extremely important factor) but we were also looking for a girl who has the right feel for the character of Kat and were considering factors such as age, voice-quality, tomboyishness, quirkiness and many other, difficult-to-explain factors. Casting is a lot about gut instinct and responding to quite abstract human qualities which you imagine the character you are looking for will have.

If you are serious about acting, DON’T GIVE UP! Join drama groups, do school plays, keep at it. Acting is a tough career and some of the qualities you need for it are tenaciousness (sticking with it, persisting, not giving up) and a thick skin because there are many more nos than yesses in the acting world and this is something you need to be able to manage. It’s not for everyone. I couldn’t do it. And it’s certainly not about being famous! That is reserved for the lucky (or possibly unlucky) few.

– Hannah, Simone and Team Fireworks