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New Teen Star Needed to Play our Lead Role

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Ok, so we’ve got our top team in place behind the camera, and the super talented Ewen Bremner up front playing the role of Gillies. We also have an exciting crowdfunding campaign on the go. But there’s still a vital ingredient of the film missing, and we hope that you might be able to help…

We need a talented, bold, headstrong young woman to play the role of our lead. Our bright new star doesn’t need any acting experience, but she does need to be bold, funny and brave. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Kat is a thirteen-year-old London girl who runs away to Scotland to meet her Uncle Gillies, played by Ewen Bremner, who she has secretly discovered is her biological father. The ideal candidate will be a young-looking sixteen year old with a London accent, but we are prepared to be blown away by any fresh new star who can play a 13-14 year old London girl.

How to Apply

To send us your virtual audition for this fantastic role, first of all read over the Terms and Conditions, and check that you have permission from your parent or guardian. If you’re selected to play the role, you will need to be able to spend four weeks in Edinburgh in March 2014 for the shoot, with a chaperone, so check that they are happy with that.

If they say yes, it’s time to record your audition video. This doesn’t need to be made on fancy camera equipment. Your phone will do fine.

There are two sections to the audition video, but we would like you to keep them both in the same video clip. First, please record a short piece to camera stating your name, age, any acting experience, and why you would like to play Kat in this film. Please keep this section short – we won’t be able to watch more than two minutes of your introduction.

Next, grab a friend or relative to help you do read-through of a section of the script. This is a scene where Kat is talking with her mum, so you might even want to get your own mum to help you out. It should take no longer than three minutes.

FIREWORKS Kat Audition Scenes-1

Done? Great. Now save your video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo as a password-protected file. Make a note of the URL and password! In YouTube, you can save it as private but select to ‘share’ it with

Then, fill in our online application form.

The deadline for online auditions is midnight on the night of 18th December. We’re afraid we can’t contact everybody, but shortlisted auditionees will be contacted by mid-January.

Can’t wait to meet you – good luck!