Fireworks has received support from a number of sources, and we’re so grateful for all the help that we’ve received. Here are a few people and organisations who deserve a special mention.

The Wellcome Trust

Henry Solomon Wellcome, 1906. Oil painting by Hugh Goldwin Riviere Credit: Wellcome Library, London

Henry Solomon Wellcome, 1906. Oil painting by Hugh Goldwin Riviere
Credit: Wellcome Library, London

The Wellcome Trust aims to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. In pursuit of this, they support the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. One of their key areas is the understanding of the brain, and they support a number of studies providing insights into the genetics of mental health disorders, such as the Bipolar Disorder Research Network. One of their aims is to inform and engage the public in a better understanding of the brain and mental health, and they have supported a number of short films and documentaries, including the award-winning films ‘The English Surgeon’ and ‘Love at First Sight’.

We first approached The Wellcome Trust right at the beginning of developing the screenplay for ‘Fireworks’ because we had had this amazing discovery that lithium carbonate was used not only in the treatment of bipolar but also in the making of fireworks. This was extraordinary because we were already writing a script about a girl who makes a firework with her manic depressive uncle. Fireworks are almost the perfect cinematic metaphor for bipolar, so we felt we had something we really wanted to explore and research with good scientific advice. The Wellcome Trust’s broadcast Development fund supported us to do that. Their ongoing support for the film has been invaluable and we cannot thank them enough for their belief in this project and our aim to make a wide appeal indie comedy which will explore and destigmatise bipolar disorder.

Find out more about Wellcome Trust and visit their website.

Dr Michael Smith, MD FRCPsych

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde logoThe script was supported through its development by Dr Michael Smith MD FRCPsych, Associate Medical Director, Mental Health Services, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is one of 14 regional NHS Boards in Scotland. The Board provides strategic leadership and performance management for the entire local NHS system in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and ensures that services are delivered effectively and efficiently. Responsible for the provision and management of the whole range of health services in this area including hospitals and General Practice, NHSGGC works alongside partnership organisations including Local Authorities and the voluntary sector. NHSGGC serves a population of 1.2 million and employs 44,000 staff – it is the largest health board in the UK.

Having Michael’s advice on the script has been a real honour. We wanted to show a character with bipolar disorder in a way that neither glamorised nor demonised the condition, and are passionate about making sure that Fireworks goes some way to destigmatising mental illness. Michael’s advice on the script ensured that we handled the subject of bipolar disorder in an appropriate way that met our aims.

To find out more about NHSGGC and access their resources visit the NHSGGC website.

Join this list!

We would like to invite charities and organisations working in the field of mental illness to join us by becoming charity supporters through our IndieGoGo campaign. Charities will be able to promote their services and help reach a wider audience, and also place themselves in a position to help people affected by the issues raised in the film. Visit our IndieGoGo page before 18th December to pledge your support.

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